50 Liter Wheelie Ice Cooler. Featuring a tough polyethylene ice box with superior insulation specially engineered!
  • For ice to last from 3 to5 days
  • Tough food grade, high impact material guaranties excellent performance ideal for conveniently pulling heavy load of food and drinks, and easy transporting your perishables from one spot to another, such as at the beach, camping, picnics or tailgating.
  • Crafted with all terrain, durable wheels that let you transport your heavy loads in many areas without worrying about the wheels coming off.
  • With extra thick fully insulated lid and walls made of high quality commercial grade polyethylene polymers provides strength and industry leading insulation value.
  • Recessed, easy to use latches/loops provide consistent lid pressure giving the cooler excellent resistance to outside temperatures and minimize air exchange.
  • With threaded leak-proof drainage bung and integrated hinges with stainless steel pins that limits breakage.
  • With quality removable basket designed to keep frozen meats and other food separable from ice.
  • With stylish modern design perfect for your every life style!
Product No XTW50
Outer Dimension (mm) 700x460x430
Inner Dimension (mm) 550x330x305
Capacity 55L
Weight 11kg
Available Colors: